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High precision Nd:Yag welding system. Developped in particular for the goldsmithery sector, for both large and small businesses. The machine can be used by and operator with limited experience; easiness of use, reduced maintenance and long - lasting duration of the lamp allow a high productive efficiency.

- 250 storage places for parameters
- Graphic display with all working parameters
- Fast setting and change of working parameters
  through mouse
- Spot dimension 0,15-2,00 mm
- Self-diagnosis and self-testing system
- High quality stereoscopic microscope with UV
  ray and laser radiation protection (for the eyes)
- Double lighing (neon+diode)
- Possibility of using gas Argon directly on the
  welding point
- Air nozzle for cooling pieces in the working
- Big working room that permits to put inside tools
  460x300x220 mm
- Wide window for the working room inspection
- Noise-free
Technical Specifications
Laser source type
Max pulse energy
Avarage power
Pulse duration
0.5-50 ms
Peak power
7.5 kW
1.5 kW
 520x840x1380 mm