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Automatic welding laser completes with colour touch-screen display, power-supply unit with intergrated air cooling (embedded heat-exchanger), new interface card for integrators, improved diagnostics, data in/out through USB memory stick. It can be used as an autonomous welding machine complate with optical fiber and focuser in the goldsmith sector, with the advantage of not having a dedicated chiller, or as and OEM laser on a welding arm or in any other type of intergration. The screen can be fitted either directly on the laser or on the welding arm.

- Air cooled up to 35°C of room temperature
- Possibility of modifying the impulse shape
- Programming easy to be used
- Self-diagnosis and self-testing function
- Alignment without opening resonator, micrometric
  adjustment of the fiber fitting
- Internal heat-exchanger water-water external
  cooling required

Technical Specifications
Laser system Nd:YAG
Average power 120 W
Pulse peak power 10.5 kW
Pulse energy 70 J
Pulse frequency 0-30 Hz
Pulse duration 0.3-30 ms